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Rural Physician Lifetime of Service Award Program 

Rural Physician Lifetime of Service Awards

This year, IRHA established the Rural Physician Lifetime of Service Award. This distinction is designed as a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for physicians who are close to retirement and have devoted their entire careers to rural practice (minimum of 25 years) and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve the quality of life for their communities.

“One of the biggest healthcare challenges across our nation is the shortage of physicians who practice in rural settings. IRHA feels it is important to recognize those who have accepted this calling and gone out of their way to make an impact,” explained Margaret Vaughn, IRHA Executive Director.

IRHA 2021 Physician Lifetime of Service Awards

Shorkey Tawfik, MD award presentation 
held Sept 24th at FNH in Freeport

Pictured: Seated, Dr. Tawfik and his wife, standing State Rep. Andrew Chesney (R-Freeport), IRHA Executive Director Margaret Vaughn, FHN CEO Mark Gridley and State Sen Brian Stewart (R-Freeport)

Dennis Palmer, DO Award presentation held Sept. 28th at Oakview County Club in Aledo

Pictured left to right: State Rep. Dan Swanson (R-Woodhull ), IRHA President-Elect Diane Potts, Genesis Health Administrator Ted Rogalski, Mrs. Palmer, Dr. Dennis Palmer,IRHA Executive Director Margaret Vaughn and Tom Palmer

Randall Voigts, DO award presentation held Oct 28th in Jerseyville

Pictured 1st Row Dr. Voigts, IRHA Executive Director Margaret Vaughn, VP of Physician Services John Giertz and the behind them JCH colleagues.



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